+ Global Animal Rescue Network Global Animal Rescue Network
  • Aid all animal welfare organizations world-wide in their individual mission to have all animals are treated with love, honour, respect, dignity, compassion and kindness.
  • End animal cruelty and neglect by providing individual animal welfare organizations free online fundraising and transportation tracking tools.
  • Create a global community of animal welfare organizations to share information and requirements in the rescue of any animals world-wide.
  • Create a global forum to aid animal welfare organizations world-wide so that all animals are treated with love, respect, honour, compassion and kindness.
  • Provide free online fundraising tools to raise funds for their animal welfare and rescue projects.
  • Provide transporation tracking tools to be able to individually or together move animals easily from kill to non-kill shelters and out of disasters to safety.
  • Provide access for veterinary organizations to donate their services locally, regionally, nationally and globally for spaying and neutering, emergency and disaster treatment.
  • Provide the access to have volunteers register for transporting animals to safety by ground or air out of kill shelters and disaster areas.
  • Provide the access to have volunteers register as foster parents for animals in need including disasters or emergency fostering.
  • Provide funds for transporation fuel to help move animals to safety.
  • Provide access for wish lists for materials needed to rescue and maintain the health and safety of the animals, food, kennels, leashes and harnesses.